Opinion (Page 650)

  • Racial hypersensitivity poisons the campus climate

    N.C. State has gone to great lengths to gauge its "racial climate." But how worthwhile is this activity, really? A voluntary demonstration ostensibly designed to list incidents of racial injustices at N.C. State produced only four, all of which were really examples of racial hypersensitivity, only two of which related…

  • Government — NC’s Growth Industry

    Because the number of state employees in North Carolina from 1996 to 2001 grew by 12.5 percent, and the state's private sector is downsizing, the public sector is taking more money away from the people who earned it in order to continue its seemingly unstoppable growth.

  • More on State Employees

    One of the best ways to free up dollars to pay our good public employees more and protect their pension and health plans would be to eliminate the lower-priority positions within state and local governments.

  • ’04 Gubernatorial Preview, Pt. 2

    Handicapping the various players in the 2004 governor's race in addition to incumbent, including Moore, Cooper, Perdue, Bowles, Blue, Vinroot, Daughtry, Ballentine, Burr, Hayes, and others.

  • ’04 Gubernatorial Preview, Pt. 1

    Mike Easley signaled he's running for reelection. That he did so does not necessarily mean it's true, but it does mean that he has political problems and other potential candidates know it.

  • Why They Hate Us (and Israel)

    A cover essay in the current Weekly Standard magazine identifies an old and virulent hatred as the common denominator in the current animus being directed towards Americans and Jews.

  • First in Bloat

    Two studies out this week confirm that North Carolina leads most of the South in taxes and spending, with our state and local tax burden now significantly higher than the tax burden in so-called "Taxachusetts."…