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  • Call. 71: Meredith Student “Sets Record Straight” on Clyde Frazier

    A Meredith College student says she wants to clear up misconceptions about the controversy that disrupted her class last spring when political science professor Clyde Frazier released his manuscript "Is Masculinity Obsolete?" Contrary to several reports, the attacks on Frazier's manuscript stemmed not from students in the class, but from…

  • Call. 70: Capital Projects Approved; BCC Gets $9 Million

    After year's of trying to raise the necessary funds on their own, leaders of the Black Cultural Center (BCC) at UNC-Chapel Hill got a boost this week when state lawmakers approved using $9 million to cover the cost of building a new center.

  • Call. 70: A Great Place to Party? Survey Says… Chapel Hill

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received the dubious honor of being rated on www.PartySchool.com - a web site that rates schools' party scenes, gives advice on planning parties (including a list of drinking games "to get the party started"), and provides the "world's only patented, scientifically proven…

  • Call. 68: NEA Gives Thumbs Up to Distance Education

    The National Education Association (NEA) this week released a study showing positive support among NEA-member faculty for distance education. The study polled more than 400 plus instructors who had taught distance-learning courses and 130 who had not in an effort to assess distance learning's strengths and weaknesses. Currently, one in…

  • Call. 67: College Graduates Don’t Know Much About English

    The average English major graduates knowing much about racial, ethnic, and sexual politics, but very little about literary history and classic authors, according to a new study of undergraduate English programs by the National Association of Scholars, a higher education reform group in Princeton, New Jersey.

  • Call. 66: Lawmakers Back UNC Bonds

    To the applause of UNC leaders and amid self-congratulation, House and Senate members on Wednesday approved $3.1 billion in bonds for North Carolina's public colleges and universities. But debate over equity and accountability continue as UNC leaders face ostensibly their biggest challenge yet - making their case to voters in…

  • Call. 65: University Stewardship Questioned

    While Republican lawmakers say they will support the $3.1 billion bond proposal for the UNC campuses, many say they have misgivings about the way the state's public universities are managed. Some are calling for accountability measures.

  • Call. 64: UNC-TV Needs $65 Million, Committee Recommends Bond Vote

    On Wednesday, less than ten hours before UNC-TV aired a documentary showcasing UNC's facilities needs, UNC-TV director and general manager Tom Howe told the Joint Select Committee on Higher Education Facilities Needs that UNC-TV needs $65 million in state money to meet a federal mandate.

  • Call. 63: Who Is James Moeser?

    On April 14, James Moeser was elected chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Because UNC opted for a secret search, however, North Carolinians were left wondering who James Moeser was and what he could do for UNC-CH.