Opinion (Page 8)

  • Divergent opinions and the power of independent thought

    The News & Observer of Raleigh and The Charlotte Observer have offered up a wonderful example of the power of free and independent thought. The example, in the form of a pair of wildly disparate editorials, was probably an accident and most likely elicited audible gasps and groans from the staffs…

  • Repeal Certificate of Need so patients have better access to health care 

    Patients deserve better access to both life-saving and life-preserving health-care treatments. Which means physicians, hospitals, and other health care facilities should be able to invest in their communities to address unmet patient demand for critical services such as kidney dialysis units, cost-effective surgery, neonatal intensive care units, nursing homes, and much, much, more.

  • PARODY: Solar farms, vineyards entwine to promote agritourism

    The North Carolina Solar Power Association is battling the perception that utility-scale solar installations, also called solar farms, are “just plain ugly,” the group’s spokeswoman, Caitlyn Vines, told Carolina Journal. The group announced a two-phase campaign, named “Sun to Sip,” linking the state’s solar farms with its vineyards and wineries.

  • Good government built on honesty and openness

    “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Credited to Louis Brandeis from Harper’s Weekly in 1913, it was true then, and it’s true today. Shedding light on government leaves it transparent, open, accessible, and accountable. It’s also harder to do bad things when you know someone is watching. I’ve…

  • Politics isn’t always the answer

    What ought to worry North Carolina leaders, regardless of party or ideology, is that the labor market and other indicators are suggesting a recent weakening of the state’s economic momentum.

  • Cooper’s selective constitutionalism in redistricting fight

    RALEIGH — Before Gov. Roy Cooper and his surrogates accuse the N.C. General Assembly of “thumbing its nose at the North Carolina Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court,” the governor might want to reflect on his own actions in connection with legislative electoral redistricting. The best place to start involves…

  • Voter ID will likely return

    If the General Assembly enacts a new measure focused on verification of voter identity, it will match North Carolina law with that of other jurisdictions.