“When science dissolves its marriage with reality, truth, their child, is orphaned.”

“Don’t you wonder where they all are?” This simple question was posed by Enrico Fermi during a lunch with fellow physicists in 1950 and has become a serious problem for modern science. The question has resonated like a stone thrown into a pond, but the waves radiating outward from the splash have not diminished; they have only grown in intensity. This “paradox” he is credited with creating has exposed a significant fault between reality and scientific theory. And the tremors of the impending earthquake are being felt mainly by the folks who consider science to be their religion.

So what is “Fermi’s Paradox?” Fermi’s question pertained to the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe. Fermi’s intellectual honesty is unusual regarding this issue because, despite 70 years, billions of dollars, and millions of hours spent trying to find extraterrestrial beings, scientists still haven’t produced any results. Hence the paradox.

Real science demonstrates there are order and physical laws written on the fabric of the universe. Physical laws that apply both on the earth and in the heavens. Physics and chemistry operate with the same mathematical precision in space as on earth, as do the other physical sciences. Biology? Well, uh….no.

No one seems to be discussing this, but science’s attempt to answer the question posed by Fermi’s Paradox has become a devastating blow to none other than the theory of evolution. Seemingly a root concept, continuously reinforced by the entirety of modern science, evolution has severe underperformance issues among the interplanetary crowd. The 800-pound gorilla in the lab is that if life began with an ancient accidental lightning strike on snot laying on a rock, then why can’t the magic of evolution produce life tailored to fit any planetary condition? Shouldn’t we be seeing life everywhere we turn our telescopes? Life will find a way, right?

But despite this total lack of evidence, the theory forges on. And we will continue to search and never stop because to accept the concept extra-terrestrial life doesn’t exist outside this third rock from the sun means facing the fact the theory is simply wrong. Does this mean we simply give up and accept the idea has no basis in reality? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We must continue to search because looking is what gives it life! To many people, “Star Wars” wasn’t just some fantastical creation of imaginative moviemakers, but an accurate interpretation of scientific fact. Scary!

And deep down inside, many perceive the theory of evolution has left the realm of rational science. Evolution has been the haven for God deniers for a couple of centuries now. They have been able to pull up their evolutionary box shorts and then wrap up with a bullet-proof Kevlar vest of arrogant scientific superiority. The concept has become a giant galactic black hole where many are well past the event horizon. To now void this as a scam would leave vast numbers in a dark place from which they can’t escape.

With this in mind, are the ever-increasingly radical behaviors of the left just the desperate clingings to this previously unassailable, but now failing, anti-God philosophy? After all, the theory of evolution provides philosophical cover from the influence, even the possibility, of a Creator God. Freedom now means shedding any constraints imposed by a divine being, even going to wild extremes to deny everything about Him. Are the troubles we’re currently experiencing the final death throes of this catastrophic philosophical, scientific error?

When science dissolves its marriage with reality, truth, their child, is orphaned. Continuing to pretend evolution is a viable scientific theory allows truth to no longer be a constraint on the facts. Is this why when the left can’t find a scenario that fits their insane ideas, they create it? Is this why we are suffering the Trump Russian collusion hoax, the Jussie Smollett hoax, the “election was fair” hoax, and COVID-19 had natural origins hoax, just to name a few? Is the perpetuation of this pretend world encircling the theory of evolution the root reason so many people now believe that lies are truths and truths are lies.

Nelson Paul is a real estate agent, former NC Coastal regulator, inventor, husband, father of four, and a grandfather of seven.