Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 30, Number 1 – January 2021

On the cover

• Four areas of focus

• All gone: Pandemic, shutdowns have staggered tourism and imperiled communities across rural North Carolina



• Legislative leaders, governor announce deal on rural broadband funding, Page 2

• John Locke Foundation and Civitas Institute combine capabilities, Page 3

• Quick takes, Page 4

• Indy pharmacies welcome ruling on benefit managers, Page 5

• Newby’s narrow win suggests broader philosophical changes in N.C. courts, Page 6

• Appeals court decision may end ‘slush funds’ for governor, executive branch, Page 8

• Lights out: Chinese lantern festival, which provides an economic benefit for Cary, goes dark, Page 13



• Timeline: N.C. election trials, Page 7

• Q&A with Fred McClay: Text takes aim at skewed view of American history, Page 15



• Amy Cooke commentary: Lessons for a newcomer: Carolina in my mind, Page 2

• Terry Stoops commentary: An education agenda for the new lieutenant governor, Page 16

• Sumantra Maitra commentary: Who’s responsible for the loss of faith in science?, Page 17

• Anthony Hennen commentary: Why do UNC schools spend money on diversity training that doesn’t work?, Page 17

• Becki Gray commentary: Broadband tops list of legislative priorities for upcoming session, Page 18

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Cooper, Berger can choose cooperation or contention, Page 19

• Donald Bryson commentary: Two critical reforms to N.C.’s Emergency Management Act, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: Curfew is Cooper’s latest move in state’s fight against bars, alcohol, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Saving the Electoral College, Page 23

• Michael Walden commentary: Can we begin to close the urban/rural divide in 2021?, Page 23

• Jordan Roberts commentary: Biden should leave Trump health policies in place, Page 24


Commentary by John Hood

• Our state has gotten freer, Page 2

• Voters say no to discrimination, Page 21

• Let candidates control their message, Page 21