The University of North Carolina system recently studied the way its campuses train teachers for the state’s public schools. The resulting report titled “Leading On Literacy” draws poor reviews from Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research. Stoops shares his concerns about UNC teacher training. He also offers suggestions for improvement. Time is running out for North Carolina’s gas tax to play the leading role in funding state transportation projects. Adrian Moore, vice president for policy at the libertarian Reason Foundation, delivered that message recently to state lawmakers. Moore explains why he believes now is a good time for North Carolina to start a pilot project for a potentially controversial replacement: a mileage-based transportation fee. N.C. legislators are studying the prospects for splitting up school systems in the state. While critics have argued that the study signals lawmakers’ interest in breaking up large systems in Wake or Mecklenburg counties, Rep. Bill Brawley says his study committee is actually responding to questions that arise periodically in many counties. Brawley also told colleagues during the committee’s first meeting that he doesn’t expect the group to recommend splitting any specific school systems. N.C. lawmakers want to know how much money school systems would need to update their school buildings. A recent study from MGT Consulting Group focused on building needs in nine primarily low-wealth school systems. You’ll hear highlights from a legislative presentation on that study, along with a response from Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union. Voters in at least one dozen N.C. counties will see local sales-tax measures on their primary election ballots. Julie Tisdale, John Locke Foundation city and county policy analyst, assesses the recent history of local sales-tax referendums. Tisdale also discusses prospects for sales-tax votes this year.