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N.C. State professor highlights myth of medieval Jewish moneylenders

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From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 778: Historical accounts of medieval Europe often depict the role of the Jewish money lender. That role is more myth than fact, according to Julie Mell, associate professor of history at N.C. State University. Mell has written a book exposing the myth and highlighting contrasting facts about medieval European economic history. Mell shares highlights from her research.

  • Keith Charles Cannon

    Mell’s work is an obviously biased attempt to prove that Jewish money lending is a myth, (actually better termed as a “fallacy”) rather then an objective assessment of the situation. She attempts to use tax records to determine the incomes of Jews in order to show that they were not money lenders but I wasn’t convinced and found it contrived and lacking. One merely needs to point out that when Jewish money lender David Sassoon’s opium shipment was destroyed by the Chinese, the British Navy sailed to China and fought the Opium Wars to force China to buy opium from Sassoon…. making him almost as rich as the Rothschilds… to understand that the power of Jewish money lenders is no myth.. She needs to realize that the reason that Christians were forbidden to charge interest was because of laws wrtten by Jews, the church merely enforced those laws.