The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 today to approve the nomination of Raleigh attorney Thomas Farr as a federal judge for North Carolina.

All committee Republicans voted for Farr’s nomination. All Democrats voted against it. Most Democrats objected to Farr by name as the committee addressed 23 nominees for seats on circuit and District Courts, as well as jobs as assistant U.S. attorney generals, U.S. marshals, and a U.S. attorney.

President Trump renominated Farr earlier this month to be a District Court judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The president cited a “judicial emergency” after the full U.S. Senate took no action on Farr’s initial nomination from Trump in 2017. Farr had been nominated for the same job in 2006 and 2007 during the administration of George W. Bush.

Carolina Journal has reported on left-of-center activist groups’ campaign against Farr.