• Common Sense on Crime

    Do criminals wait in lines? Is there something inconsistent about rising prison populations and falling crime rates? Welcome to the sometime-weird world of criminal-justice policy.

  • Credit and the Crime Rate

    North Carolina’s crime rate has fallen again, and state leaders deserve to take some credit for the long-running trend — but they should be careful not to overstate the point.

  • Is We Is Or Is We Isn’t

    The Barbed Wire Choir said it best, even if they didn't say it first: give us criminals—we need the prison jobs. Prisons, and by implication crime, can be desirable engines of economic growth, according to some. And now, Governor Easley has gotten into the prison act.

  • On the Alternative- Sentencing Community

    State legislators are reportedly considering a reduction in funding for a program that “fights crime” with alternatives to incarceration. Advocates make a passionate case for such programs, but it isn’t very persuasive.

  • Roundup on Crime Rate, State Audits

    RALEIGH — Reports of crime across North Carolina fell by 2.4 percent in 2003, the State Attorney General’s Office reported last week. The rate of violent crime per 100,000 Nortn Carolinians dropped by 5.3 percent. The rates fell in all violent-crime categories. The rate of property crimes — burglary, larceny,…