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  • Federal court to block N.C. voter ID law … for now

    A federal court gave North Carolinians who adopted a constitutional amendment requiring voter ID a late lump of coal. U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Biggs and Magistrate Judge Patrick Auld issued a notice Thursday, Dec. 26, saying the court will put the law implementing the constitutional amendment on hold. They’re…

  • Rare illegal ballots still matter

    If you think election-integrity initiatives are nothing more than a Republican plot, you should know that downplaying rare but potentially consequential cases of voter fraud only strengthens the resolve of those who favor voter-ID laws.

  • Voter ID will likely return

    If the General Assembly enacts a new measure focused on verification of voter identity, it will match North Carolina law with that of other jurisdictions.

  • Best Interviews of 2011

    John Hood on selling N.C. as a place to do business; Stephen Hayes on President Obama's chances of re-election; Hans von Spakovsky on need for voter I.D. law; Steven Hayward on waning environmental movement; Rick Henderson on occupational licensing bills.