Tillis, Budd opposed to Biden border deal

Source: Instagram of Sen. Thom Tillis, R-NC https://www.instagram.com/senthomtillis/

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  • "It is hard to trust that the Biden Administration would even implement this bill in good faith. I will vote no." - US Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)

As the Biden administration and US Senate leadership push for passage of a border deal drawing heavy criticism from conservatives, both US senators from North Carolina have indicated they will vote ‘No’ on the legislation.

In addition to border security changes the legislation would green light billions in foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Critics argue the legislation does more harm than good: codifying catch-and-release, offering expansive work visas for illegal immigrants, and only feigning improved border enforcement.

The next vote on the legislation is expected in the Senate Wednesday. It requires a 60 vote threshold to move on.

Sen. Them Tillis, R-NC, revealed his intentions regarding the bill Tuesday morning:

“I commend Senator Lankford for the hard work he put in during months of negotiations, especially on asylum and parole reform, and he secured the best deal he could with an administration that tried to put up every roadblock imaginable. With that said, I have repeatedly said it would be a mistake to send this bill to the House without the support of a majority of Republican senators, and if it didn’t have a majority, I would not support a futile procedural exercise. After reviewing the bill text, there are provisions that are highly problematic, especially considering the fact that President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas caused this border crisis and have refused to use existing laws already on the books to address it. It is hard to trust that the Biden Administration would even implement this bill in good faith. I will vote no.”

Prior to Tillis’ declaration Sen. Ted Budd, R-NC, detailed on Monday his criticism of the deal and his intentions to vote ‘No’:

“We must secure our own border before we help other countries protect theirs,” concluded Budd on X.

The funding and reforms deal, crafted for months behind closed doors by Democrat and Republican leadership in the US Senate, comes as the Biden administration oversees a worsening border crisis which is breaking records for illegal border crossings month after month.

Last week North Carolina lawmakers held a press conference calling on Governor Roy Cooper to stand in solidarity with the State of Texas in its fight to secure its border with Mexico amid conflict with the Biden administration on jurisdictional grounds.

All 72 Republicans in the North Carolina House sent a letter to Cooper urging him halt cooperation with the federal government to place and house illegal immigrants in North Carolina; commit to signing legislation that mandates cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement by local police departments to remove illegal immigrants arrested fro crimes; and, deploy National Guardsmen to assist Tex at the souther border.

Prospects for the border security deal are deteriorating in the US Senate leaving in doubt its chances of passing the 60-vote threshold in Wednesday’s vote. Grimmer still are its prospects in the US House, where House Speaker Mike Johnson, R- LA, has called the bill “Dead on arrival.”