A new national poll shows roughly two-thirds support for key school choice concepts among American parents.

The survey — conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the yes. every kid. foundation. — found 67% support for ending residential school assignment, 63% support for Education Savings Accounts, and 66% support for education tax credits.

Of those who support ESAs, 69% believe they should be universal, compared to 21% who believe they should be limited to low-income families.

Parents also believe that expanding school choice will yield improvement to the nation’s education system overall. Sixty-percent believe so — with 33% believing so strongly — compared to 10% who believe school choice would weaken K-12 education.

“Americans believe more education options will improve our nation’s education system,” said Matt Frendewey, vice president of the yes. every kid. foundation. “A child’s access to a great education should not be determined by their family’s income or where they live. By expanding opportunities for families to customize the education to meet their kids’ needs, we can improve education more broadly. We will continue to listen to Americans, while empowering families by removing barriers to learning.”

North Carolina’s new budget includes an unprecedented expansion of school choice. The spending plan enlarges the Opportunity Scholarship Program to $520 million by the 2032-2033 fiscal year and expands access to all families in a tiered system based on income.