Who’s filed for the 2024 elections?

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  • Only one legislative seat will have a primary election for Democrat and Republican candidates.

With filing for the 2024 elections in North Carolina officially closed, we now know which legislative seats will be contested and who is running. The full breakdown of candidate filings for the North Carolina Legislature and Congress can be found here.

North Carolina Congressional Races

Democrats have filed for twelve of the state’s 14 congressional seats, leaving both the 3rd and 6th districts uncontested by their party. The 3rd congressional district will have an election between incumbent Republican Greg Murphy and Libertarian Gheorghe Cormos. The representative of the 6th district will be determined in the Republican primary as incumbent Kathy Manning has opted not to run for reelection.

Republicans have 50 candidates running to represent North Carolina’s 14 congressional seats, with at least one candidate filed for each. Fourteen Republicans filed for the state’s 13th congressional district. Incumbent Wiley Nickle has opted not to run for reelection, citing changes to the district.

Libertarians have filed for four seats, while the Green party has filed for the 2nd Congressional District based out of Wake County.

State Senate Races

In the Senate, North Carolina Democrats have 58 candidates filed for the 2024 election. Democrats are contesting every seat with at least one candidate filed for each of the chamber’s 50 legislative districts. Republicans had 46 candidates file for 42 seats, leaving eight uncontested. Two of the seats Republicans did not file for will be contested by Libertarian candidates in the November election. All eight districts are considered safe Democratic in the Civitas Partisan Index (CPI).

There are only a handful of primaries in next year’s senate races. Republicans will only have four primaries in March, while Democrats will have six. No individual Senate seat has a primary election for both major political parties. Almost all primary contestants will know who they will face in the November election. The only exception to this is Senate District 41 out of Mecklenburg. The winner of the Democratic primary will be the senator for that district by having no opponent in the general election.

Libertarian candidates are filed for 13 Senate districts throughout the state.

State House Races

For the state House, Democrats have 136 candidates filed for 118 of the 120 seats. The two districts left uncontested are both considered safe Republican seats. Democrats will have 13 primaries, 3 of which will determine the district’s representative due to a lack of challengers from another political party. Nineteen Democrats will face no election in 2024, as they have neither a primary nor general election challenge.

Republicans have 124 candidates filed for 95 House seats. All 25 districts left uncontested are safe Democratic seats except District 50, which is rated D+9 (likely Democratic). Incumbent Jason Saine is the only House Republican running unopposed in the primary and general elections. House District 65 is the only seat that will be determined by the Republican primary. Twenty-one seats will have a primary election to determine the Republican candidate in November.

House District 9 is the only legislative seat that will be a primary election for Democrat and Republican candidates.

Libertarians are filed for 16 legislative seats and will have a primary election for House District 44 in Fayetteville.