Below are a few of the stories that caught my attention this week. The left’s fascination with canceling American figures — including the author of our Declaration of Independence — continues. The inability to contextualize history is a scary ideology and reminds me a little of the Khmer Rouge and their utopian quest for year zero.

Illinois Dem Mary Lemanski, who used Rittenhouse case to mock Waukesha tragedy on Twitter, has resigned

A woman named Mary Lemanski sent out some vile tweets about the tragedy in Waukesha because she was angry about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Mocking the dead is apparently okay as long as your political worldview is affirmed.

What is wrong with people? Some ideologues now openly view tragic events primarily through a politicized lens. Unfortunately, this woman embodies so much of what is wrong with our political culture today.

Thomas Jefferson statue removed from City Hall after 187 years

I mentioned the Khmer Rouge above. People from communist nations understand what is going on here. Attempting to erase history and making Americans ashamed of their own history not only divides us culturally but reveals our civic illiteracy.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s crying shame: Devine

“Yet Reid continually plays the victim and makes her living punching down at white people less fortunate than she is,” writes Miranda Devine. I couldn’t have said it anybody better myself.

Woke numerology

Are people really this emotionally fragile or is it all just performance art at this point? I can’t believe that somebody is really offended by $14.92 as an average monetary number for donations.

Theodore Roosevelt statue at Museum of Natural History to be moved to North Dakota

I guess if New York is going to cancel Jefferson you have to erase Teddy Roosevelt as well.