Suspect in Paul Pelosi attack was in U.S. illegally, immigration officials say

Border security matters. Securing our border is common sense and not an extreme policy position as some politicians and many in the media want you to believe. You’re not racist if you want a secure border. We should want people to come here legally, but if there is no interest in securing the border, why have a country or borders at all?

Also, the ridiculousness of trying to pin this attack on a so-called “MAGA extremists” is beyond comical, as if this guy crawled out of some swamp or compound in a deep red state looking to take down our government.


I don’t know who Sunny Hostin is or why she is famous but does she really thinks this is how to influence voters to her positions?

You’re just pawns on a political chessboard to these people, and if you step out of line, you’re just a roach.

Baltimore Dad Unleashes on Soft Prosecutors, Begs Them to Keep His Son Locked Up

Crime is pretty bad when there is a dad begging for his son to be locked up for the good of society and the young man.

Man shot dead in NYC while bicycling to shoot someone else: cops

No wonder Lee Zeldin has a legitimate chance to win the governor’s race in New York.

Does Joe Biden Know His Son Beau Did NOT Die in Iraq?

President Biden keeps saying his son (who died of a brain tumor) died in Iraq during the war. Some excuse this by saying his son eventually died because of a exposure to a chemical over there, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t any evidence of that. Beau Biden died six years after serving as a military JAG officer in Iraq. Of course, Biden’s free to believe that his service caused his brain tumor.

I can’t imagine losing a child and this is not the first child Biden lost. He’s had several heartbreaking family tragedies in his life. But for Biden to keep mistakingly saying his son died in Iraq, along with all the other outrageous gaffes, is growing quite alarming.

Cooper-appointed Gaston County judge caught removing campaign signs

Not a threat to democracy though, as long as it’s the “right kind” of judge and they have the “right kind” of views.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo Among Hollywood Celebrities Rejoicing in Socialist Win in Brazil: ‘Let’s Do It in America’

I’d rather the celebrities just follow through with their threats to leave the country when an election doesn’t go their way. It’s not like they can’t just jet back for a few weeks to film their bad movies that get immediately released on Netflix.

Jason Bateman Pushes Biden to Use Emergency Alert System to Remind Voters of Midterms Because Democracy Is Threatened by GOP

LOL. Some of these people really need to venture outside of their Hollywood cocoons.

Greta Thunberg: It’s time to transform the West’s oppressive and racist capitalist system

Imagine being this brainwashed.