This is segment two of outrageous stories that caught my attention this week. We’ll try and make this mostly a weekly update here at Carolina Journal.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges today so I suspect there will be plenty of left-wing outrage pertaining to the verdict in the near future. If interested, I offered commentary on the rights to self-defense and the tactics of the mob in a recent CJ commentary. The crazed reactions to the decision will potentially make great updates in the near future at this space.

Below is the rundown of stories and some short commentary.

Florida second-grader suspended 36 times for mask mandate violation

The best part of this story is that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis let the young girl speak at a bill signing ceremony pushing back against vaccine mandates. The Palm Beach School District was defying state law but recently backed down from its position on masks. DeSantis has continued to state that mask mandates in schools are not having any positive impact on COVID-19 numbers. In fact, he points to data that COVID-19 cases are decreasing in students across every Florida county under his statewide mask optional policy.

Prof placed on leave after saying sexual attraction to kids not always immoral

It’s not a great year for the higher ed industry and some of the ideas that emanate from campuses. I can’t imagine this will help.

California teacher tells conservative students to ‘jump off bridge’

If your friends jumped off a bridge would you? What about a teacher telling you to do it? Honestly, this seems relatively tame considering the political agendas and statements of some California public school teachers over the last few years.

NBC/MSNBC news banned From Kenosha Courthouse

Cable News and MSNBC. Enough said.

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy arrested, charged with two felonies after alleged abuse

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy flung the mother of his child around like a rag doll. The video is disturbing and upsetting to watch. This is shaping up to be a clear case where justice is needed.

BLM leader threatens ‘riots, fire, bloodshed’ in NYC if Eric Adams gets tough on crime

Well, I guess you always want to negotiate from a position of strength. Way to go mayors who turned their cities over to the mobs. They are now reaping the whirlwind. Let’s hope the new mayor of New York City has more rationale when it comes to protecting life and property.