Category: Healthcare

  • Friday Interview: Rural Health Care

    RALEIGH — In today’s Friday interview the John Locke Foundation’s Donna Martinez discusses the Community Practitioners Program with North Carolina Medical Society Foundation CEO Bob Seligson. The interview aired on Carolina Journal Radio (click here to find the station near you).

  • War of the Coffee Worlds

    When I spotted a coffee-cola combination recently in a college bookstore, I began to wonder how many other coffee-infused foods and drinks — besides the very familiar flavorings for desserts and liqueurs — there are around. I was surprised at even the partial listing I discovered. You can consume coffee,…

  • Report: Reform Individuals, Not State

    RALEIGH — An expansion of the state-federal Medicaid program is a prescription for more health care problems, a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report argues. Instead, consumers should manage their own health care.

  • State Grants Aimed at Minority Health

    RALEIGH — The state plans to give grants of up to half a million dollars to government agencies or nonprofit corporations that can devise suitable plans to improve the health of minority North Carolina residents.

  • Friday Interview: Certificate-of-Need Law

    RALEIGH — Welcome to Carolina Journal Online’s Friday Interview. Today the John Locke Foundation’s Donna Martinez discusses North Carolina's certificate-of-need law with John Locke Vice President for Research Dr. Roy Cordato. The interview aired on Carolina Journal Radio (click here to find the station near you).

  • Mental Health Reform’s ‘Perfect Storm’

    GREENSBORO — So far, mental health reform in North Carolina has not gone smoothly. A report card recently issued by the North Carolina Psychiatric Association said that mental health reform “ran into a perfect storm’ of adverse events, among them budget problems, Medicaid shortfalls and increased populations of those needing…

  • Report: State Should Embrace HSAs

    RALEIGH – Two years ago President George W. Bush signed legislation that made tax-free "health savings accounts" possible. With many private businesses embracing HSAs as an alternative to traditional insurance arrangements, a new report from the John Locke Foundation urges the General Assembly to offer HSAs to North Carolina's teachers…